The 2017 Skin Care Trends You Need To Know About

Humanity has drifted through many phases of beauty treatments. From mixing powders with lead to fake beauty spots gelled onto the skin, it is a relief to know that 2017 can supply beauty fanatics with trends that will help our skin, rather than harm it. These are 4 skin care trends that you need to know about.

  • A Gut Feeling- Probiotics

Our bodies are practically sanctuaries to 100 trillion bacteria and germs. However, not all of these bacteria are something to be afraid of. Microbiomes are a healthy asset to your body’s natural chemistry, resembling bacteria found in the gut that can increase immunity. Using too many anti-bacteria gels and soaps can inflame your skin by scrubbing away these helpful microorganisms. This can not only lead to your skin becoming swollen, but it can even encourage the appearance of eczema over any broken skin. Start steering away from old soaps and beauty products. Instead, investing probiotics and scent-free soaps can lead to healthier skin by reducing redness and inflammation.

  • Beauty comes from within

Feeling good on the inside will, undoubtedly, leave you feeling good on the outside. With fruits and vegetables providing our bodies with plenty of vitamins and minerals, skin production has now turned its attention to incorporating these healthy elements into their brands. Watch out for creams filled with supplements from kale, algae, flax seed and even broccoli. Each of these vegetables supplies hydration and a daily dose of vitamin C to smooth any bumps on your skin. These products can be used alone, or you can add some of your favourite skin cleansers and toners the compliment your newly radiant skin.

  • Facial Brushing

Using a brush on your face, instead of your hair, may appear a little silly at first. But this trend not only exfoliates your skin but also improves blood flow and helps protect you against lymphatic drainage. After cleansing your skin with quality skin products, such as those supplied from Tropic Skincare, be sure to use your brush in small, light strokes and brush away those unsightly blemishes. Be sure to only use your facial brush once every couple of days. This is to make sure that you do not damage the skin. Doing it too often will not give your skin enough time to regenerate in a softer form and give it a chance to shine.

  • Cleansing Liquids

Why go for a normal toner when you can rejuvenate your skin with textured gels? Developed from Korea’s famous beauty trends, you now can turn your daily skin trials into a fun experience. Whether this is a textured cleansing ball, which can come in a variety of different colours for different purposes; supplying vitamin nutrition, hydration, shaving soothing and for soothing bumps and spots, the bubble mask or a melting gel toner, it is perfect for those with combination skin. Use it on yourself or bring it to a sleepover for a good old-fashioned girl’s night in.

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