5 Steps You Can Take To Help Secure Your Home

A burglary is a horrible experience for anyone who has the misfortune to be targeted, so it is important to ensure you take steps to prevent the crime in your home. Burglars are often opportunists, they will take advantage of low security and easy targets.

Whilst you can never guarantee that you won’t fall victim, there are some steps you can take to help prevent it. 

Secure all access to your home

Ensure your windows and doors are secured using top of the range locks that conform at least to the BS3621 standard. James Neil, owner of a Locksmith company in Norwich, suggests the use of a ‘SS312 Diamond cylinder lock’ to prevent lock snapping.

Secure your pets doors

A large pet door or flap can also provide access to those who are trying to enter your home. If you need one, choose one with an automatic locking system when your pet is not using it.

Get to know your neighbours

There is a lot to be said for having a friendly word with your neighbours and keeping an eye out for one another. Burglars will only target houses that they will not been seen entering. If something does happen, it may be that your neighbours have spotted something amiss – or visa versa, you may have noticed something up at their property.

Don’t broadcast your whereabouts

In an age dominated by social media, it has become common place to ‘check in’ at your current location. This inadvertently lets everyone know you are not at home. Should your home be targeted during this time, your home insurance may decide not to fulfill your claim.

Don’t leave your keys within easy reach

If your keys are left in the lock or within reach of the letterbox (using a wire or stick), access could be gained easily into your property without even breaking a pane of glass.

Ultimately the best way to try and avoid the emotional and financial distress of a home burglary is to remain vigilant, however it cannot always be prevented. Should the worst happen, make sure you have the right home insurance policy in place to cover any losses.

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