The Amazing Benefits of Cotton Fabrics

The majority of clothes are made from pure cotton or a mixture of cotton with other substances such as polyester. As this material is naturally sourced, it is an environmentally friendly solutions when compared to other textiles. However, there are many additional advantages than sheer availability alone. Let’s take a quick look at why cotton is useful for a variety of artistic projects as well as why it often represents the perfect clothing solution for either gender.

A Natural Porosity

Cotton is a relatively porous fabric. This is important for two reasons. First, the wearer will remain cool when the temperatures outside begin to rise. This is often why men’s summer suits and women’s dresses are often made from this fabric. Cotton is also known for its ability to wick sweat away from the body. This aids in the process of evaporation; allowing the user to stay dry comfortable for longer. So, it stands to reason why undergarments and socks are often made from pure cotton or a proprietary blend.

All About the Insulation

Cotton is light and airy. While this obviously aids in cooling, you might be surprised to learn that this very same quality will provide warmth during the autumn and winter months. Cotton is able to trap air between its fibres. Air is an excellent insulator against the outside environment, so this fabric is often chosen in favour of other options such as nylon or polyester for outdoor activities.

Designs and Patterns

Thanks to the universal nature of cotton, it can easily be knitted with a variety of unique patterns and configurations. Some stunning examples include:

  • Jersey knit.
  • Interlock knit.
  • French terry knit.
  • Ribbed knit.

In the same respect, it is possible to print nearly any visual pattern imaginable. This has allowed cotton to be a very popular choice for household uses such as curtains, furniture surfaces and similar types of upholstery. Please take a look at these cotton fabrics in order to appreciate the sheer variety of designs which are available.

Strong and Durable

Unlike some other fabrics, cotton is up to 30 per cent more resistant to common instances of wear and tear. It is also much stronger when wet due to the inherent tensile strength of the internal fibres. So, it can normally endure numerous washing cycles without suffering any type of damage. Cotton is highly resistant to shrinking and it will retain its original form over time. However, it is also able to accommodate various body sizes thanks to its flexibility. This provides the user with a superior level of comfort.

The quality cotton fabrics supplied by Tissura are quite universal in nature and yet, they are still exceedingly beautiful to behold. They can also be used in conjunction with other materials such as silk and wool in order to achieve a three-dimensional appeal. Regardless of your desires, the chances are high that cotton could represent a viable option to keep in mind.

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