Bathroom Makeovers from Towels to Paint

A hot bath or shower can help you slough off a bad day or improve an already good one. The room itself should be a sanctuary, and few things are as depressing as a mouldy, ugly bathroom. But you don’t need a lot of time, money, or construction know-how to transform a so-so room into a haven. Small fixes like a coat of paint, a change of light, and new luxury towels can do wonders.

Select a palette

If your bathroom is lacking in natural light – as they so often are – you could start by choosing a colour scheme for the walls, trim, and flooring that will enlarge the look of the room. Using the same shade for all three areas will give it an instant lift. To deal with ugly flooring, go for a large rug or multiple rugs in a colour as close as possible to the walls or a complementary shade or pattern to create a little contrast. Maybe you don’t mind the lack of natural light, in which case be you can be bold with the colour. Go for an accent wall or an interesting paint arrangement, with white on the bottom half and a contrasting colour or wallpaper on the top; this keeps the eye reaching upward and is a good trick if you have a floor you’d like to draw attention away from.

The ideal lighting for a bathroon is LED or halogen, from the front, in wall sconces. bathrooms often have over-mirror lighting, which is poor for grooming tasks, as it casts shadows from above. On a low budget, however, chances are you won’t be changing the wiring, so consider other options, such as adding small matching counter-top lamps to light from below or simply changing the bulbs in your existing fixtures.

Add accessories and towels

Accessories are important. An easy way to soften the look of a room that is full of hard surfaces is with the addition of wood or bamboo furnishings. Hooks help keep the room tidy and can be a godsend if you don’t have a lot of wall space. Glass jars or other eye-catching holders will add a little style.

Now for the finishing touch: new linens. Don’t skimp on these. A thick luxury towel will put the icing on your hot shower. You’ll see many types of cotton in shopping for towels, but whether you choose Egyptian, pima, or Turkish, 100 percent cotton is a must for its absorbency and feel. You can’t get the same from bamboo or microfibre. For hand towels, go for the heaviest weave; they get a lot of use and need to be of high quality to see good time.

In a bathroom done with mostly white tones, you could continue the theme with classic crisp white towels, but you could also take this opportunity to mix complementary colours and even patterns.

The best part? You can achieve this transformation of this all-important corner of your home in just a weekend.

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