How to be beautiful without makeup 

We know that title probably strikes fear into the hearts of many women, but it is actually very possible to be beautiful without makeup. The entire industry is built on makeup but there is often a strong case to be made to have less makeup on our faces or even no makeup at all. It’s all about your own perceptions of your own beauty though, and how this affects the way you look when you apply less makeup.

In this article we hope to give you some pointers and tips that should help you feel more comfortable not using as much makeup as you used to. It’s better for your skin anyway, and you will be surprised how many people appreciate a newer, more natural you.


Your eyebrows are actually one of the most naturally beautiful parts of your face. They look gorgeous but too many of us try and accentuate the shape a little too much, or even change them drastically.

If you use a pencil to make them darker, then look for a semi-permanent colouration solution at your local salon.

This has a number of benefits, including the fact that this particular treatment will help your eyebrows look more natural. The overall effect will be a more natural-looking face all round, and genuinely beautiful eyebrows.

Your diet

The human body is meant to be hydrated at all times, and this means drinking at least two litres of water every day. Caffeine dehydrates, so try and balance out your tea and coffee (and soft drink) intake. I know It is hard to control everything, it is like when you find no deposit bonus UK on your favourite site and rush your way through it. But the better you control yourself the better everything else will be.

Drink a lot of water everyday and you will find that your natural beauty shines through more often. It is often said that people glow more and look more vibrant and healthy when they drink water, and this is actually true. With hydrated skin you will look naturally more attractive,and people will warm to you quicker.

At the same time, the more fruit and vegetables you eat, the better your skin will be. A natural diet like this means that your skin gets  a chance to stay young-looking. Include them in your diet and you won’t look back.

So there are a few tips on how you can possibly survive without makeup. Put them to practise and pretty soon you will feel confident to walk out with less makeup on.


You don’t have to hang up those little brushes for good. And in fact there are many transparent solutions that are available on the market, and all of them do a very good job of bringing  a little glamour to your look without being overpowering.

You should investigate these, and we particularly recommend eyebrow gels and transparent mascaras that go a long way towards making your face look beautiful in the most natural of ways. They are well worth looking into and while they are not strictly ‘getting rid of’ makeup they are certainly going to help you have a more natural look, whilst still accentuating your beauty.

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