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In the world of beauty some things come and go, “in with the new” keeps the beauty world rocking. Consider this article as your one stop shop for current beauty trends. Just like online casinos in South Africa have become one-stop gambling. Here are our some of the beauty trends this year.

Long Eyelashes

Long eyelashes enhance your beauty and there are different ways to achieve long eyelashes. Some women prefer the traditional way of using mascara, however, mascara that gives you effective results can be difficult to find. There are also some new ways such as eyelash transplants, fake eyelashes, eyelash perms, and pharmaceuticals that aid eyelash growth. The demand for long eyelashes is growing and some women say they feel so much more confident with long eyelashes. Most celebrities have artificial lashes and their influence is spilling over to other women. Even internet gambling prefer to advertise their products using women with long eye-lashes, visit online casino ca for example. Salons are responding to the demand of eyelashes and it is now part of their beauty makeover, of course, you can make your own choice.


Demand for toner keeps on rising. These are chemicals help your skin with an even tone. Toners are well designed to cleanse your skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and other related skin problems. Some have a hydrating effect and some don’t. Those that hydrate your skin are more preferable. Skin toner help to reduce the oil produced on your skin and avoid oil from building up. In addition, it gets rid of dust, pollution, and other impurities leaving your skin feeling clean.  Toner helps to boost skin moisturizer and avoids your skin from becoming dry. It is recommended for a healthy skin. This is because applying toner restores your pH balance, shrinks pores, protects your skin from impurities, prevents ingrown hairs, and refreshes your skin. Using it twice a day (morning and evening) gives you a well even –toned skin. Some of the best toners work wonders no matter the skin type.

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