Biggest Sports Betting Wins of All Time

Sports betting is an industry that’s worth billions and is famed for its high-risk nature, so you would be correct to assume that it has many victims whose losses have led to its success. However, chance dictates that there must be some who benefit hugely from the strange turns of events that dictate some of the ludicrous odds. 

Darren Yates

Our first tale takes place in England in 1996 as the Ascot racecourse. Darren Yates was one of the few punters who bet on popular jockey Franki Dettori to win, despite the fact that he had publicly stated that he had little faith in himself to win more than two of the seven races he would be taking part in. Yates’ bet even stated that Dettori would win all seven, which is why, when Dettori did win, Yates won an amazing £550,000; more than anyone else at the event.

November 2011

November 2011 one was of the worst months in history for bookkeepers thanks to the record number of people who won bets after an unusually high success rate for betting subjects with the best odds. One example of this was an accumulator bet placed in Malta by one man, that relied on 19 sports teams to win, all of which were favourites. 

They did all win their games and the lucky punter made a huge six figure profit on his initial 80p bet with William Hill. What made this even more interesting was the unlikely way in which the final game was won; a winning goal was scored at the very last minute.

Billy Walters

Billy Walter is one of a few who have taken gambling to the next level and become professionals in the field. Starting out as a poker player, Billy learned all the tricks of the trade and soon moved on to sports betting. Contradicting popular opinion and providing plenty of proof at the same time, Walters claims that with skill you can beat the odds. If you are feeling inspired to try out a bit of gambling, then you can take a look at this matched betting guide to start learning about the winning strategies that could lead to you doing just the same as Walters.

In 2010 he spent many hours researching both the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, analysing their history before they played one another in the Super Bowl. He reached the conclusion that the New Orleans Saints were in fact the least likely to win despite popular opinion being the exact opposite. This set him up for one of the biggest wind of his life, as he was so confident that he bet a whopping $3.5 million on them losing and won! Just imagine the jackpot.  

Sports betting may seem like risky business but this is what also makes it so lucrative for those with a bit of luck. Darren Yates, Billy Walters and the man from Malta all held strong and placed their bets despite the odds, to go on to win thousands from just a few pounds. Why not give it a go yourself? Visit for more inspiration such as the availability of no deposit casinos and tips for winning roulette. 

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