Could you live Paris’s life?

From the outside in, you look at some celebrities’ lives and you aspire for a similar setup. Take Paris Hilton, for example. Although she’s only just approaching her mid-30s, she’s been in the limelight for years now and whenever you see her, she’s living the high life and having fun. You can’t imagine that she ever has to put a wash on, clean her bathroom or do anything she doesn’t feel like. She’s got tons of little dogs that she seems to dote on, but it’s hard to imagine Paris handling a poop scoop.


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But, given her privileged start in life, Paris has actually chosen to be a much harder worker than she ever needed to be. Her great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton, established the Hilton hotel chain and Paris could easily have just lived the life of an heiress. But just this year, as well as continuing her relatively new career as a DJ, she’s taken on the role of brand ambassador at bgo, the online gaming site. Playing herself in the TV ads, Paris is there as the new face of bgo, shaking up the current bgo ‘boss’, actor Verne Troyer, who’s nervous that Paris might try and take over ‘his’ casino. And it looks like she may have the edge. Check out this bgo blog comparison of the two ambassadors to see which has the biggest potential to be the boss. Of course, this is all light-hearted stuff, and only serves to market the gaming brand, but it’s pretty clear that Paris is in charge of her own destiny, regardless of the fact that she could rely on her family’s wealth instead.

But it seems that a knack for running a business is something that’s in the Hilton genes and Paris spends as much time running her own businesses as she does being seen out and about with famous friends. This year, for example, she launched her 18th signature fragrance to coincide with the end of her first decade in the perfume industry. This side of her business alone is worth a cool $1 billion, and that’s not to mention the revenues she gets from the other product lines of shoes, handbags and clothing that are sold in 45 Paris Hilton stores situated in over 40 countries.

And that’s not all Paris does, not by a long chalk. You just wonder, though, if you’d actually want to swap places with Paris. Her life seems to be mega-busy all the time. Would she ever just be able to put her feet up and watch evening TV and just relax, or does she always feel the pressure to be out, to be seen having fun all the time? She must thrive on all her work and the different things that she does, otherwise why would she do it when there’s no real financial need? But if you could swap places with her, think about it seriously for a minute, would you really want to?

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