Decor tips for spare rooms

Spare rooms are full of potential, even if they are small. If you’ve just acquired one, perhaps as a result of moving house or a teenager moving out, what should you do with it? What will you need to develop each idea, and how much work will be involved?

A guest bedroom

A guest bedroom can be useful if you often welcome friends or relatives who live far away into your home. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to be comfortable. You will need a bed, and if there is enough room, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe where your guests can store their things are nice touches. A good-quality folding bed can work well and give you flexibility if you want to use the room for other purposes when you do not have guests. Keep the decor neutral and the lighting soft.

A home office

Setting up a home office can be useful if you want more flexibility in your working life or if you want to engage in projects such as charity organisation. All you’ll really need is a desk and a good chair that provides plenty of back support, but it’s also helpful to have a filing cabinet and a bookcase. If you want to hold small meetings in your office, make sure you have comfortable seating for visitors.

A games room

Having a games room in your home can be fantastic fun. If there is room, a pool table makes a great centrepiece, and you can get special pool tables that can be turned over to become ordinary tables that are suitable for playing card games and board games. You’ll need storage for any games and enough seating for everyone. Folding chairs are a good idea because they won’t get in the way at other times. You might also want to consider old arcade games.

A craft room

It is great to have a room that is dedicated to your hobby. You’ll need a large table to work on and plenty of storage. Shelves lined with small, transparent boxes are ideal if you’re working with small items. You’ll also need a separate area for storing tools, adhesives and similar items. A wooden or linoleum floor in a plain colour makes it easier to avoid messes and retrieve dropped items, whilst fitting wooden shutters at the windows instead of curtains makes it easier to control the light.

A gym

Creating a home gym is an excellent way to help ensure you work out and stay in shape. Carpet is the best choice for the floor, improving your grip and cushioning the impact if you fall or drop something. Fitting wall bars gives you lots of exercise options, and you should also have a workout bench and a set of training weights. Adding a cross trainer, rowing machine, exercise bike or treadmill can complete the package, but don’t forget a TV or stereo to entertain you while you exercise.

With all these options available, your biggest problem is likely to be battling with other family members over what is needed most. Once you have your new room set up, however, you are bound to enjoy it!

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