3 essential beauty tips 

Sometimes there can be too much information available to us. We can feel swamped. And when it comes to essential beauty tips this is most definitely the case. The industry is huge, and it has a number of ‘gurus’ and experts who are able to offer a wide variety of tips, but it’s too much.

We need to find a key selection of tips that are applicable to every woman. We think we have. Here are three tips that every woman should know and use in their beauty regime.


This is amazing stuff. Of course, it saves lives in the heat, but it also has some very powerful anti-ageing effects too. If you use sunscreen to keep your skin looking healthier, the effects can be amazing. Why does it work? Collagen.

The sun can have a terrible impact on the production of collagen in the skin, but it’s collagen that helps to keep skin looking plump, vibrant and fresh. By using sunscreen more often than just when you are sunbathing, you are helping to produce collagen because the sunscreen blocks out the sun and reduces the impact upon collagen production. So if you’re looking for a way to look younger and more vibrant, use sunscreen. It actually works.

We recommend using sunscreen that has a reasonably high SPF level. This is because sunshine breaks down the sunscreen over time. By having a very strong block with a high SPF, you are reducing the chances of that happening, and therefore improving the impact of the sunscreen on your looks.

The toolkit

Even if you buy the very best beauty products in the world, you are going to have less than the desired effect if you don’t use the right tools. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that you won’t have the right impact by using the wrong tools in any situation, never mind just your beauty regime.

Your brushes should be very soft and sensitive to the skin, but they also need to have a bit of weight to them if they are going to carry a beauty product from jar to skin. Other tools of the trade are equally important, and it is generally a good idea to invest in the pricier items to get more usage and value out of them.


Our final tip concerns your hairstyle. It is important that you update it every two years. This is because outdated hair does nothing for the way people perceive you or your age. Get down to that salon every two years and investigate a new style, or an update on your current one. It keeps you looking young and beautiful, and that’s what we want.

The three essential beauty tips above should help you get to a position where you are looking young and vibrant all the time. They are all easy to implement, and they should be part of every woman’s toolkit when it comes to staying young.

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