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One of the clear essentials, especially as the weather gets worse, is a good decent coat. But having a coat doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look drab. In this article, we will look at some key essential ideas around owning a coat wardrobe.

Having more than one coat is ideal, and if you have a wardrobe of them, you need to start thinking about styles and the colours et cetera that you include.

One key idea that you need to consider straight away is keeping the jackets and coats that you buy as simple as possible. Nothing too elaborate is required. There’s one clear reason for this. You are trying to accentuate what is underneath a coat, because you want people to see the fashion underneath the code that you want to show off as well.

Therefore, having less to worry about in the coat means that people start to think about the fashion underneath. Having a complicated coat means complicated fashion and style, so keeping it as simple as possible is essential.

Don’t go mad on statements, colour is okay, but don’t go too far on that either. The main aim is to keep things simple and clear.

One key essential for any woman’s wardrobe is a dark leather jacket. This has to be a simple jacket without tassels, if that can be helped. Keep the leather jacket simple and preferably black. This is a staple of anyone’s wardrobe, not just a coat wardrobe. It’s instantly stylish, and if you have it tailored it’s all for the better.

The leather jacket has always been iconic and makes anyone look good, and it certainly deserves a special and unique place in your coat wardrobe. If you don’t own one don’t buy one full price, but instead head to the markets, where you should find one for a good price.

You also need to invest in a dark or neutral long overcoat. This is perfect when the rain starts coming in, or even a chillier summers evening. It looks classy and sophisticated and will generally get people talking about your style.

Easy for anyone to wear, no matter what your body shape, the dark overcoat is an absolute fashion essential for your coat wardrobe. It goes with anything, and that’s something to consider when you’re buying one. Buy quality here, and it will repay in dividends for years to come.

The final piece of current clothing that we would recommend is a traditional blue denim jacket. This again is a classic part of anyone’s wardrobe, and it means that you have a jacket that will pretty much go with any item of clothing.

Versatile and attractive, the dinner jacket is something that everyone should own, and is a classic piece of history too.

Take the ideas in this article and use them to fit out your current wardrobe as soon as possible. These essentials will ensure that you always show style wherever you are, and no matter how cold or wet the day is.

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Mandy lane

3 years 10 months ago

Mandy lane

3 years 10 months ago

Mandy lane

3 years 10 months ago

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