Your Excuse for a New Handbag

There is a little addition which makes a great dress perfect. It is the smallest of touches which just draws the eye and keeps it on you for that fraction of a second longer. It really lingers too long to be a casual glance, it has paused to take in the whole picture and admire. That’s the effect that the right handbag can make, it will really capture the attention and always steal the moment.

There’s merit to a clutch bag and there is a lot of worth to just carrying a purse but I still love a great handbag.

A clutch bag has style and has soared into fashion. They are the right size for the essentials and your phone but very little else so with style comes a modicum of function. I’ve got a great little silver one, which does go perfectly with a Saturday night dress, I love it, but it has it’s place in my wardrobe.

My purse collection is pretty extensive, I have a little number for almost any and every occasion. A small plain black one which will go with pretty much anything, a lovely little white one which has a gold rim and is the epitome of style and my favourite is a small grey number which is the perfect size for my cards and a little bit of cash.

And there’s the inherent problem with a purse, they are just too small to be completely useful. They look like a million dollars but they would never be able to hold a million dollars. Where does the phone go? Well, we all know the answer to that one and it doesn’t really need saying. You want to take out a bit more than just your cards and there is no way that you would or should be asking your partner to carry your lipstick or mascara.

The handbag has stood the test of time because it is perfectly designed to help us out. It has style and it has function. Every pocket in the bag has been designed for a reason, you can keep your money separate from your make-up and separate from your car keys, which are separate and not scratching your phone.

I found a bundle of great handbags the other day on lovethesales and it just emphasised the fact that you can never have too many handbags.

For starters, you will need to have an option of colours, so there’s a selection of at least five you will own. Then you will be considering the number of pockets you want in the bag, this means that you will be adding at least four more to your collection.

The final addition to your collection is the handbag which is specific to the dress. You saw it in the handbag sale and knew you had to have it.

It just seems that handbags have become an essential part of any outfit, which is a great excuse for making sure you own at least ten.

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