Exercise Blues

Are the dark evenings and the cold frosty mornings bringing out the winter blue workouts?  Are bitter temperatures preventing you from heading to the gym?  Do you find your local gym closed during the hours you are able to exercise?

Maybe you are simply bored of the same routine day in day out and need something to inspire you – we have the answer to shake up your workout.  Consider hiring quality gym equipment such as a treadmill – these guys have some great options www.hirefitness.co.uk.  In other words bring the gym to the comfort of your home ready when you are.

Remember you are not alone – there are plenty of people finding this time of year a struggle and the cold even knocks the motivation out of the biggest sports enthusiast.

If you don’t like the idea of a treadmill taking over your lounge exercise at home with minimal equipment (a vibration plate or exercise bike) or no equipment at all.  We recommend bodyweight exercising.

Bodyweight exercises are a very effective way of addressing every single muscle in your body.  There are hundreds of exercises you can carry out and you only need a small amount of space.  Each of these exercises can be tailored to your own fitness levels.  Exercising from home is the perfect answer to time constraints, plain boredom and change of weather conditions.

Not a personal trainer in sight – just you at home ready to stay fit.

What are the benefits of body weight exercises?

  • Extremely efficient – As you are not using minimal amount of equipment you are spending a small amount of time transitioning from exercise to exercise therefore your heart rate is always high
  • Provides both strength and cardiovascular training – There is no need to carry out two types of exercises. If you start off slow you can increase the intensity when you feel ready to.  In the same workout alternate between strength and cardio or high and low impact.  Flexibility is the key.
  • Improve your core strength – Did you know you have twenty nine pairs of muscles in your body? They are important for maintaining strength and coordination
  • Improve your flexibility – An increase in strength will give you good posture and bend/stretch far easier
  • Improve your balance – As your fitness levels increase and you take on more difficult routines your balance will in time increase giving you better body control and more importantly reducing the risk of injury.

As with any exercise, don’t rush into anything that does not feel right.  Consult your doctor if you feel any pain or discomfort when exercising.

As you can see the benefits of body weight exercises are endless.  Mix these up with other exercises over the winter months to alleviate any boredom.  We have previously mentioned vibration plates but they should not be dismissed and deserve a special mention.  It is possible to achieve a full workout in as little as fifteen minutes perfect for busy lives.

Experiment with exercise and find the exercise routines that work for you.  This is why hiring gym equipment over the winter months may be the perfect solution for you.  No heavy cash outlay needed and if you don’t like the equipment trade it in for something else to try. Head to http://www.hire-fitness.ie/ for fun exercising this winter.

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