Getting Away From Brexit

I’m sure that we’ve all heard it before. There seems to be no end to the chat about a certain exit. It’s even got to the point where my dad mentioned it over the Christmas meal.

To be honest, I’ve had enough of worrying about it. I have had my say and i need a break from it. So I thought I would have a look at going away on holiday. 
I can spend hours idealising holidays. Browsing through hundreds of different options and then finding the one with the perfect pool and the perfect beach. It’s all about the maximum relaxation for me and this means chilling out by the waterfront.

Then I thought about where I would really like to go. The hassle and uncertainty around Brexit and what it really means for us, is just too much to have to consider, when all I want is a relaxing time. So I’ve opted to head away from the whole issue. I’m not going to stay in Europe.

I just didn’t know where to head. I’ve never been on holiday outside of Europe before and this meant that I didn’t have any standard go-to destinations. Luckily my usual plan of just finding a nice place on Loveholidays was still great.

I took the first option on the list of places that I didn’t know where they were.

Abu Dhabi jumped straight to the top of my own list. A few pictures into the guide and I was completely sold on it as a holiday destination.

I’d heard of it from the Grand Prix’s and I knew that it was a hot place, but I really knew almost nothing else about it. It’s outside of Europe and I honestly hope that no-one there will say a single word about Brexit.

The hotels just look stunning. They have clearly been built to impress and to make a huge statement. To think that it is comes off as a tourist hot spot, and from all I can see, it deserves it’s reputation.

It seems to be my dream holiday destination. It has sand, it has swimming pools and it has an almost guaranteed amount of sunshine. I mean, there’s o way that it could possibly rain in the desert.

I’m sold. It didn’t take much, but France is out of the window, Greece is still just too close to home and I don’t even want to think what Cyprus is going to go through.

As far as Brexit stands, I’m heading out of it and away on one of the best holidays of my life. Bring on Abu Dhabi.

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