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The year 2016 is sure to mark an exciting period for interior design in London, with an enormous 3D-printed replica of the Palmyra Arch being installed in Trafalgar square, the Tate Modern undergoing a 10 storey expansion and the proposed designs being unveiled for the London underground stations. But how can your home benefit from the latest trends in 2016? Here’s a look to the future, with some of our favourite trend predictions for the upcoming year:

Black kitchen appliances: black kitchen appliances will look super sleek set against the other colours of the room. Make your kitchen a chic and stylish destination within the house in 2016.

Technology-free living spaces: out with the new, in with the old! Revert back to the simplicity of yesteryear to let your design features do the talking; ditch the interference of technological devices and better enjoy your home.notechnology

Feature fireplaces: Continuing with the theme of antiquated inspiration, bring warmth and character into your house with a feature fireplace in 2016. Consider the charm of a burning fireplace in the harsh coldness of winter.


Dainty pendants, not ostentatious chandeliers: Concerning lighting, opt for subtle touches instead of dazzling showstoppers. Illuminate your favourite spaces with the warm glow of a charming pendant light. Ditch the chandelier.


Decorate rooms with walls of books: Make a feature of an expansive wall of books. It will complement our previous suggestions and provide an interesting talking point for guests.

Mark Howorth – guru of all things design and owner of Callender Howorth – has shared his wisdom on the matter of upcoming trends, facilitating the revival of our interiors from the grasps of the banal, the commonplace and the downright drab:

“The daring is in vogue! One of Callender Howorth’s most recent projects – an exciting new-build apartment in Shoreditch – merges features that are predicted to gain prominence in 2016. The furniture makes a bold statement, livening up the room with bold, playful colours, while the combination of materials that are utilized in the room, which include characterful woods and elegant metals, offer something different and unusual. It is important to individualize your project with decorative items, such as statement cushions and decorative plants.”

“Recreate the outdoors, in, by utilizing elements of nature. Green walls and artificial greenery evoke the comforting impression of nature. Not only will it lighten a dark space, but it will also create a soothing atmosphere. Giant aloe vera plants offer a particularly tranquil setting in large spaces. Sliding roofs, which will again become popular, will make indoor spaces feel spacious and airy.”

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