How to Choose the Right Limo company

Choosing a limousine company for your prom

Other than your dress, arranging transportation to your prom is pretty much the most important aspect of the event. You want to arrive feeling like an A-list celebrity in a luxury vehicle either on your own, with your date or with a group of your lifelong friends.

Whilst many limousine companies may seem to offer great models to choose from, there are far too many tales of disappointment when the car which excited prom-goers thought would arrive was nothing like the images online and even more upsetting is when the booking falls through as the limousine turns up late – or not at all in some extreme situations.

It makes sense then to research companies before making your decision; whether it’s for a classic stretched limousine, a vintage car or a Hummer Transformer party bus, doing your homework well in advance will mean that you’ll choose the best company with 5-star customer service and you’ll pay a great price for a memorable day and night.

Visit the company

Seeing images online is a good way to know the range of models available to hire but until the car turns up if you’ve not actually seen it in advance – both the exterior and interior, you could be in for a huge shock.

Take a trip to the hire company and ask to see the limousines you’re interested in. Check out the exterior for cleanliness and damage and then take a look inside. Take a really deep breath as you enter; has it been thoroughly cleaned since the last hire? Does it smell fresh inside? Look at the upholstery for wear and tear and ask to hear the sound system playing if this is a feature.


It’s vital to ask about and to see evidence of insurance for the limousine you could be booking. You want to know it’s safe on the road, that it carries the correct kind of insurance so if there’s any kind of unfortunate incident during the hire you’re covered to be able to make a claim.

Ask about special offers

Whether you choose party bus rental NJ from BergenLimo or any other style of vehicle to whisk you to your prom, you want to pay the best price possible. Many limo hire companies will offer you a discount so tell them the date as soon as you know it and they can tailor the package that’s going to be the best deal all round. You may want to hire for a set number of hours, half a day, an evening or a full day and night; whatever you choose there’s always a deal to be struck.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask about promotional rates; it’s perfectly fine as they will always have a number of them you can choose from.

Know what you’re going to be paying

When you make the reservation, request a full break down of all the costs involved. You don’t want to have any nasty surprises when it comes to settling the bill such as hidden fees for fuel. Ask for a quote before handing over any money and then always ensure you have a bill when you’ve made the full payment.

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