Does He Love Me? 5 Ways to Know for Sure

There are more ways to answer this question than plucking flower petals. However, we still somehow find it hard.

Many people have an idea what love should be, how it should look and feel, but the sad thing is – most of them are just plain wrong. Thank you, romantic comedies. Because of that, many of us just cannot recognize the real thing even when it is right in front of us.

The point is, love really is a tricky thing. A person can say ‘I love you’ but not really mean that, and a person can also love you more than anything in the world, but not be ready to say it.

Love itself, being the most beautiful thing in the world as it is, can also be quite scary, and many people tend to keep their guard up until they are sure the other side won’t hurt them in some way. There is actually a saying that goes: “Before falling in love, make sure there is someone there to catch you”. And even though this saying might be true, there are still problems with it. A person can actually get caught up trying to figure out whether the other person loves them or not, which results in not being present in the relationship itself. Instead of connecting, the person gets stuck in their own worried thoughts that produce insecurities and fears which can block them from getting the love they wanted.

So how to know if he really loves you? Just check if he is showing these five signs.

1. The little things

For men, it is much easier to express their feelings through little gestures rather than words. And even though you still haven’t HEARD him SAY the three magical words, you might have SEEN him SHOWING those words. This is where that lust vs love war is ending and the winner gets proclaimed. For example, he never lets you go home on your own, he fusses over you when you are sick, he notices you are cold and immediately gives you his jacket, he makes sure your car passed the inspection, etc. Look at the way your man serves you and you’ll know, trust me.

2. He will become vulnerable

Vulnerability is difficult for everyone, especially for men. In the initial stages of a relationship, the focus is entirely on looking good and keeping you impressed, but as the time goes by, things start to change. When you love somebody, you will want to open your heart to them, even though it means you will also expose your weaknesses and wounds. As soon as you notice he feels safe while telling you about his insecurities, you’ll know his heart is safe with you.

3. Long-term plans

When a man starts talking about the next summer or even some day, there is so much more to those plans that meets the eye. We are all well aware of the fact that love is rare, and once we find it, we won’t let it go. And men often pick up on this before even internalizing the fact that they are in love. They simply feel like that could be “it” and immediately start making plans to ensure you won’t go anywhere.

4. He will take you everywhere

You are probably familiar with the fact how, in the beginning, men are all about the boundaries. You have to respect his “night with the guys” and his alone time, which is good for a relationship. But if you are noticing that now there are fewer days you spend apart and that he gladly invites you to join him and his friends – congratulations, my love, you have someone who loves you by your side.

5. He’ll be willing to correct you

This may seem contrary to how you expect love to look and feel like, but when he puts his desire to please you aside and decides to correct you, this is when you know he is definitely in love. If you really think about it, what’s in it for him if he tells you that you haven’t been kind to someone, for example? It’s those moments when he is showing you that he wants to both help you grow and grow with you, too.

So? Will you be saying “I love you too” soon?

Let us know.

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