How To Make Your Employer Happy

The employer, employee relationship is held together by the bond of money. Regardless of what you think about it, it is true. Therefore it is essential that everyone involved in this union respects the core reason their coming together. Once the core business is out of the way then all the other stuff can come in. We are going to discuss tips on how to make your employer happy. This short list will not contain the obvious things like working hard, “core business” issues to speak. Rather we are going to give you three tips that will get you into your boss’ inner circle.

Top three tips to make your employer happy

  1. Have an awesome attitude. Nothing beats having a sunny personality. It is easier to work and live with someone who is not always grouchy. Even when the chips are down having an optimistic (without being irritating) person is not bad. The boss should miss you when you are away from office. Not only because of the quality of your work but because of the atmosphere you add to the office.
  2. Have your bosses back. Literary do not let your manager be ambushed by anything in the office. Especially if you are the reason. Make sure you give your boss a heads up on any situation that might be brewing.
  3. Require minimal babysitting. Do not be the employee who is always going to the boss with petty issues. Instead display your ability to solve problems when faced with challenges at your level. Make it a point to reserve face time with the boss to show off your intellectual skills.F

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