Men’s Fashion: How to Dress for a Business Meeting

Business meetings are part of any serious businessman’s day. Whether it is just a meet and greet with a new client or a meeting to slog out all the remaining details, it is extremely important to create the right look for the meeting.

In a perfect world, we would be judged solely on our ideas, but this is not that perfect world. Unfortunately, when judging your ideas, people also take a lot of other things into account as well – like the way you are dressed, how neat you look and how well-groomed you are.

It does not take long for someone to form a less than stellar opinion of you, based solely on how you are addressed.

So, this is an area that you always want to excel in. Here are some of the ways you could dress for a business meeting.

Suit and Tie for a Formal Meeting

This is one type of outfit that always looks good. A matching waistcoat underneath hides any crumpling that your shirt may have started to show throughout the day. This look screams professional and is likely to get you taken more seriously.

If you work in a professional environment, it is important to have at least three to four of these kinds of suits at your disposal. A dark navy is flattering without being funereal. A petrol blue color won’t go out of style soon, and a suit in a flattering shade of brown are good starting points.

A black suit may be called for in more formal settings.

A Dress Suit if the Meeting is More Casual

Casual does not mean sneakers and jeans. It also does not mean a full three-piece suit. Start with a good quality pair of pants and a dress shirt. Then make it seem more casual by also throwing on a sports jacket or blazer. There is no need to wear a tie here.

Choose the Right Ties

Ties are an extremely important part of your ensemble. You want them to stand out from your shirt so choose them in contrasting colors. Patterned ties can provide a chic element, but you do need to take care that you do not go overboard.

A tie with a neon yellow and green check, for example, will stand out but it may also make you look something like a clown.

Your Shoes

It is amazing how many businessmen have impeccable taste when it comes to suits and then ruin the whole effect by wearing the wrong shoes.


You should have a set of lace-up, smart black shoes, and/ or a set of Oxford penny loafers in brown. These two classics will carry you through any kind of business meeting.

Your Belt

This is another area that is often ignored. Choose a belt that goes with your ensemble. With belts, the rule less is more applies. Keep that funky belt buckle for your jeans and leave it out of the business meeting completely. (Unless your company sells belt buckles, that is.)

A Good Watch

Complete the look with a top-quality watch and you are done.

The key to always looking well-groomed is to pay attention to your look. Does everything look right together? Do you look smart and neat? Do you look competent? It takes time to find the perfect combinations but once you do you have a blueprint for success.


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