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London’s famous landmarks and tourist hotspots are well-known.  We have all heard of Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament, but what does London have to offer we do not hear about.  What are the lesser known gems and things to do that the average visitor to London might not experience?  We will look at five of our favourite.

Up the O2

Ok, we all know the O2 is one of the best music and live performance venues in the UK, with the biggest singers, bands and comedians headlining most nights.  However, a little-known fact about the O2 is that thrill seekers can scale the building from the outside.  A professional climber will guide you on your ascent, and special climbing gear including shoes and suits will be provided to you.  This is one for the more adventurous amongst us, but how many people can say they have scaled an iconic London landmark.

Loo Tour of London

In London, there are many public toilets, but the question is which toilets are worth a visit and which are just disgusting.  Well, there is only one way to find out, take a Loo Tour of London.  You will explore the history of London, but don’t worry it be won’t all be toilets, you will also stop off at the local bars and pubs for a little toilet humour of a different kind.  This is a great tour and is just that little bit different from the average tour around the streets of London.

Escape Room

London is home to some of the biggest and best team adventure games around.  One the top ones is an escape room experience.  This is where you get a team of between two and eight people and are locked into a room and asked to escape.  Each room is themed, usually some sort of horror or mystery, and teams are presented with clues and asked to solve them one by one to escape the room.   This can be a fantastic way of starting off an evening out, with laughs throughout guaranteed.

Pancake Race

This next one is seasonal unfortunate, but if you happen to find yourself in London at the right time it is a must.   On Shrove Tuesday, all across London, there will be Pancake Races.  What is this I hear you ask? Well, it is simple, it’s a race with a frying pan and pancake where contestants run to the finish line while flipping their pancake.  Spitalfields Race is probably the best known and the winner gets an engraved frying pan. Who doesn’t want that? This great fun for the whole family.

7 Noses of Soho

The legend goes that if you can spot seven noses in Soho you will become vastly wealthy.  This might be a legend, or maybe not, but you can find out by taking one of Soho’s lesser known tours the 7 Noses of Soho tour.  This is a great way to experience this happening area as part of a larger group.

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