Our Love for Retro Sweets

Why is it that the majority of us have a penchant for all things sweet?  Even if you are not a fan of a sugary treat you are very likely to have fond memories of all things sweet.  There is probably not a single child in the world that does not like a sweet.

So why is it we find ourselves reaching out for sweets?  The simple answer is they make us very happy.  Sweets similarly to chocolate has the ability to lift our moods.

Let’s take things back to basics and take a look at some of our favourite sweets from the nineties where arguably candy treats was at its peak with an array of sweets we could only ever dream of now.

But which of these retro sweets are your favourite?  Be prepared to drool….

Kola Kubes

For those that remember these will recall how difficult they were to chew but these circular treats were equally delicious and the soft centre was surprisingly delightful and totally worth the pain when they sliced into your gums.


The perfect combination of sweet and sour that made you pull that weird face but they were home time favourites.

Tasmanian Devil

In the days when you could buy penny sweeties these were expensive at ten pence but they chocolatey treat with a gooey caramel favourite hit the spot when you needed a chocolate fix.


They were like revels but without the addition of any horrible flavours.


Wow the lemon ones tasted yummy but the strawberry ones were simply amazing.  If you were lucky enough to have the mini ones these were only five pence so for twenty pence you could have one big sugar rush.

Fruit Salads

Far tastier than Black Jack these were very moreish and a big contender for the pick a mix.

Candy bracelets

The candy treat you could eat, you could wear and if you were feeling particularly dangerous catapult them to your friends.  Candy multi-tasking.

Candy sticks

Not only did these taste really good but you could become the rebel of your class as you pretended to use these as cigarette.


The next generation’s equivalent to Werthers Original, it would take about twenty minutes just to finish eating the first one.

Candy Straws

These multi coloured straws filled with sherbet were often used as playground money when playing marbles.


Boys around the country would often get their hands on the juiciest bubble gum made for free when they had the Dandy.


How many could you put in your mouth at one time?  The best nineties competitions of sweetness.


We loved its weird name just as much as the weird array of colours.

We hope you loved taking a trip down memory lane and laughing at your favourite childhood sweets as much as we did.  The sweet shelves of today are full of chocolate and multi packs, let’s bring back retro sweets and start enjoying these classic treats again.

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