Plan the Perfect Rustic Wedding with These Tips

Rustic weddings are a huge trend, and it’s easy to see why many couples are attracted to the idea. If you want a more relaxed theme, a rustic wedding is ideal to make your big day a bit more casual. You might be looking to give your wedding a connection to nature or to celebrate your rural home. Getting a rustic wedding right doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you can plan the event you want. Get started on your rustic wedding by thinking about the elements below.


Getting the Right Location

When you’re planning a rustic wedding, the venue is probably the most important thing. While you could add some rustic flair to any venue, it helps to start with something suitable. The venue is the backdrop to everything else. You would struggle to fit a rustic theme into a grand hall. If you’re hoping for a rustic wedding, you might want some or all of the proceedings to take place outside. If you’re going to be inside, you probably don’t want anything too fancy. You might consider wooden lodges and cabins, or perhaps even taking shelter in a tipi or barn.

Consider the Small Details

Your rustic wedding is all about the little details too. They can include anything from the flowers to the table settings. Start from the very beginning by looking at rustic wedding invitations by Pure Invitation. Your invites set the tone for the big day itself and they’re the first impression you’ll give your guests. For the wedding itself, there are so many elements to consider. A little DIY can go a long way to getting an authentic rustic look for your special day. For example, you might like to take the time to make some centerpieces for tables. It could be something as simple as some flowers in a mason jar.

Plan on a Rustic Wedding Cake

Some elements can seem harder to fit into a theme than others. How are you supposed to create a rustic wedding cake? Obviously, working with a baker on this one is going to help you out. But you can also make some suggestions and show them some examples you like. There are lots of things you can do to get that rustic feel for your wedding cake but still have it looking beautiful. Consider using flowers and greenery for decoration, or even fruit, such as wild berries. Keep the cake a little rough around the edges to avoid it being too slick.


Doing Casual Right

Rustic weddings tend to be a bit more casual than others, but getting it right can be hard. You don’t want it to look sloppy, but nothing can be too dressed up either. One of the most important things to think about is clothes. You need to choose outfits for the wedding party, and set a dress code for the guests. A lot of couples prefer to pick outfits that are casual enough to wear again. You might not wear them to the park, but you won’t have to wait for a black tie event to get them out again either. Make sure your guests understand the dress code too.

Your rustic wedding can be magical without being a fairytale princess day. If you want laidback, it could be the theme for you.

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