Planning an FA Cup party

Now that the Grand National has been and gone for another year, the sporting world can turn it’s attention back on to the oldest cup competition in the world. Ever since we can remember, we have been pulled to the FA Cup and the thrills and the spills of the final.

It is the perfect excuse to throw a great party and get everyone together and you can go as mad and wild as you like. Here’s some of the best ideas we’ve had recently:

The Street Party

Get the game up on a screen that everyone can see and invite the whole street to come and join in; all you need is a large white sheet or the side of a house and a projector. We did it for the Jubilee and loved it so much that we now use the FA Cup as our annual excuse. The kids all play in the street and it gives us a great chance to catch up with our seldom seen neighbours.

Football Themed Fancy Dress

Host a fancy dress party and make the theme loosely based on the teams in the final. You will always get at least one person turn up as the trophy and one coming as the corner flag. Our favourite was a friend who came as Jack Charlton and shaved the middle of his hair off. You could really push the boat out and theme all of your food and drinks along the football lines. Newcastle Brown Ale and Red Leicester cheese are really obvious choices, or you could pun it up and have some Pear Mertesacker, Peter Stilton and Alex Oxtail-Chamberlain.

Spot Bet Party

When the game is on and the drinks are flowing, it’s easy to create spot bets with your friends. Who will get the next corner, next throw-in, the number of yellow cards or even if there will be a goal in the next five minutes. If you run out of ideas, then just click here and have a look at the live markets. If you aren’t looking to drink, you can still join in the fun, but use sweets for your credit.

Commentator Bingo

The beautiful game has always been a game of two halves and it’s never over until the final whistle blows. There’s three drinks straight away. Write down a list of obvious football puns and everytime anyone of the commentators says any of them, you drink. You could even create a prize for any of your guests who dare to utter a stereotypical phrase. It will take 110% of effort on the training pitch to prepare for this clash of the titans, but when you’ve got a long season ahead, it will all pay off when the points are counted.

There’s fun to be had no matter how you choose to celebrate and watch the FA Cup. You just need to hope that the match lives up to the billing and is as entertaining as your party.

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