Playing the Lottery with Friends

Winning a lottery jackpot would be absolutely thrilling, but why not share that excitement? When you purchase your tickets to play the biggest lotteries in the world such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions, invite your friends to join you. If you end up winning, not only will you share the prize money, but you’ll also have an amazing story to tell.

Consider the story of Paula Barraclough and Lorraine Smith from Sunderland, two best friends who have regularly purchased their lottery tickets together. Paula, 45, and Lorraine, 54 – who call each other as Polly and Lolly – have been friends for more than 17 years. In February 2017 they won £15m in the UK Lotto draw, and each of them banked £7,671,450 each.

Lorraine said she purchased the winning ticket when her bus to work was late in arriving. She went into a local shop to keep warm, discovered that she had a £2 coin in her pocket, and purchased a Lucky Dip Lotto ticket. “Never did I believe the fate of the bus being late would result in my life being changed forever,” she said.

Strangely, the first thing Lorraine purchased after her incredible Lotto win was a new frying pan. “I literally threw my old frying pan away the day before I became a multi-millionaire,” she said. Along with her friend, Lorraine insists that winning the lottery wouldn’t change anything. Nonetheless, the two plan to celebrate by flying first class to Las Vegas on a holiday.

Best friends Jennifer Molina and Lucinda Britt shared a $1 million Virginia Lottery prize in August 2016. The two had known each other for about ten years when they jointly purchased a ticket with numbers based on a combination of family birthdays.

Three long-time friends from Canada won a CAD$3.6 Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize together in March 2016. “We’ve been playing the same numbers for 22 years,” said Trish Little. This time the winning numbers were selected by her friend Mary Grills. “It was her birthdate, her husband’s birthdate, and both her son and daughter’s ages and her and her husband’s ages 22 years ago,” she said.

One of the ways to play the lottery with friends is by creating a lottery syndicate. Together you will be able to purchase more tickets, giving all of you better odds of winning the jackpot at a fraction of the cost. Syndicates can be formed with family members and co-workers as well.

Although playing the lottery with close friends doesn’t guarantee a jackpot win, it does promise a shared experience. You can watch lottery draws together, hoping that the numbers on your joint tickets will be selected and change your lives forever. If that happens, you and your friends will have an amazing story to tell.

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