Quorn; a great way to eat a healthy meat-free diet

If you’re a dedicated meat eater but want to perhaps change some aspects of your diet without losing the texture and taste of eating meat, the solution is Quorn. If it’s something you’ve seen in the supermarkets but never tried because you aren’t sure what it will taste like or how you can use it, here’s the low down on this protein-packed alternative to meat.

What is Quorn?

Quorn is a high protein food which is made from an edible fungus. It’s a fantastic meat substitute and has been available in the UK since 1985.

Quorn contains a mycoprotein which comes from a fungus which is then dried and mixed with egg white as a binder. It’s then cleverly made into different forms to be used in a huge variety of recipes. Here’s the complete low down here.

The final product is high in both protein and fibre and is low in saturated fats. An interesting piece of trivia is that some Quorn products have an 80% lower carbon footprint than beef!

What forms is it available in?

There’s a Quorn product for everyone; the first items on the market were the now famous sausages and over the years the range has increased to those with herbs, Cumberland-style and even gluten free. You’ll probably be amazed at the range of foods now on the shelves such as:

  • Cottage Pie
  • Peppered steaks
  • Pies
  • Escalopes
  • Breaded fillets
  • Mince
  • Swedish-style balls
  • Curry

The products are increasing all the time and there’s even vegan options now in the shape of chunks and burgers.

I’m not a great cook – help!

One of the best things about Quorn is that you don’t need to think of it being an ingredient you need to do anything ‘challenging’ to when using it. Think of the pieces, the mince or the sausages in the same way you would if they were meat and you’ll soon be creating dishes which taste just as fantastic. Start with traditional classics such as a spaghetti bolognaise or a chilli and then try quick cook recipes including a stir fry or homemade burgers. Here’s an easy Quorn and Chickpea curry recipe you can try tonight which everyone in the family will enjoy http://allrecipes.com/recipe/33407/quorn-and-chickpea-curry/ .

Quorn is so versatile you can use it with every meal; the bacon-style slices are great for breakfast sandwiches, the mini savoury eggs are always a winner in a lunch box and the Lamb Style Grills are fantastic to pop into a pitta bread with a salad for dinner.

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