How To Have A Refreshing Room After Your Move

Moving isn’t just about scouting for moving companies NYC or making an online search on “movers near me”; as a mover, you also have the responsibility of making sure that your entire home is comfortable to live in. Aside from having the most advanced furniture and appliances, the entire household should be relaxed after the move – how else can they enjoy your home is the ambiance is stressful?

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can have a refreshing room after your move. While some of these require major renovation and remodeling projects, others are cheap and very easy to do. If you’re leaning towards following the latter, pay attention to these tips:

  1.    See your space through fresh eyes.

It’ll be challenging for you to create a relaxing room if the area if full of clutter. This scenario can even lead to stress which can immediately demotivate you to do anything with your room. If you really want to make a relaxing room after the move, start with a clean slate. This means removing all of the items from your room expect drapes, furniture, and rugs. Doing this allows you to see your space through fresh eyes, making it easy for you to visualize a new theme for your room.

  1.    Consider your furniture.

The placement of your furniture plays a vital role in the ambiance of your room. If you choose to place all of your furniture in one area, the room might be too cramped up. This can restrict movement and can lessen the activities people can enjoy while they are inside. One of the simplest things to do in order to have a relaxing home is to assess the placement of your furniture. A general rule you can follow is to place all of the big pieces near the walls in order to maximize the space. This is especially important if your room has limited space.

  1.    Edit your stuff.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a relaxing room doesn’t require breaking the bank. Sometimes, you just need to assess all the stuff that you own and edit them. You can do this simply by clearing your room from clutter, adding storage boxes and keeping your kids’ toys into new cabinets. If you want to keep certain items, make sure that these are stored properly. For items which don’t provide any benefits to you, opt to throw them away.

  1.    Shop other rooms.

Your rooms are functional as it is – you can cook in your kitchen, have fun in your living area and sleep in your bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean that everything should stay the same. Sometimes, there are certain pieces from a specific room which look better once placed in another room. For example, the portrait of goddess eating in your room might work better if you hang this over your dinner table. Take time to shop other rooms and determine if there are any pieces which should be added or removed.

  1.    Spray paint.

Since this is your room, you have the liberty of deciding what you’re going to do with it. Aside from carefully choosing what pieces go into the room, take time to decide about the color your room should have. Depending on your style preference and aesthetics of your room, you can choose to use light or dark colors. Just make sure that this color actually matches the ambiance you want to achieve in your room.

  1.    Add something green.

If you want to add color to your room, add indoor plants. Not only does this make your room appealing but plants can also bring several health benefits to the entire household. Plants can regulate air in your room and make it more refreshing. Merely looking at plants can also help reduce stress. And because indoor plants come in a wide variety of species, you’ll be able to buy one which fits your schedule. If you don’t have the time to water plants regularly, look for space which requires minimal maintenance.

  1.    Add some meaning to your space.

Aside from flaunting your interior decorating skills, your room should also be used as an avenue for you to highlight your personality. If you consider yourself as an art fanatic, hang different types of artworks in your wall. This can include your own paintings or paintings from renowned artists in the industry.  

It’s Actually Easy

Many homeowners would think that creating a refreshing room after the move is a challenge. Aside from thinking about the pieces that go into their home, they also have to work on unpacking all of their moving boxes. It’s time to change that kind of mindset – make your room refreshing as easy as 1,2,3 by following the information from this article!  

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