Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysics art that revolves around protecting people’s flow of Qi – the energy that maintains everything in our lives and represents the key to a successful, long and happy life. Roughly translated, Feng Shui means fire and water, and represents the perfect balance between these completely opposite forces. Also, there is another thing called QI GONG, which means nurtured life energy, and represents the type of training that is based on the seven-millennium long tradition of understanding that perfect connection between our body and the environment.

Clutter is your worst enemy

Let’s put it this way – clutter means mess, mess eventually means disturbance (depending on how much of a mess you can take), disturbance eventually turns into anxiety, and anxiety is what can lead us to permanent unhappiness. Take at least one day every week to tidy up your home. Dust the shelves, take out the garbage, vacuum the rugs, mop the floors, and throw away all the unnecessary stuff. It is both healthy and makes you feel fulfilled.

Fix the broken

The key to having good chi running through your home is making everything work properly: from lights and the stove, all the way to toilets, TV, etc. Check all the electronics and installations in your home right now and make sure you fix everything that is broken as soon as possible. And if something cannot be fixed, make sure you throw it away and replace it. This way, you will prevent creating the negative chi in your home.


Since light is the strongest energy manifestation, you cannot let yours be too bright or too dim. When it comes to color, go with neutral and calming colors, and avoid neon and LED bulbs in your home. Instead make a cozy vibe in a room with a fireplace and don’t forget to buy night briquettes for it.

Water means wealth

Water in any form – whether on pictures or as a mini fountain – attracts wealth into your house. If you are opting for a Feng Shui fountain, put it near the entrance and make sure it flows towards the center of your home, so the wealth has the opportunity to be ‘poured’ into your life. On the other hand, you can opt for water pictures and display them on various walls in your home. And again, you must choose pictures where water flows inwards to your house rather than outwards, because that can mean losing money.

Plants above your kitchen cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets built up the ceiling or a soffit? According to Feng Shui, there should be no space above your kitchen cabinets because that space attracts dust and stagnant energy. It is believed that chi gets stuck in there and that encourages dead energy that holds you back in life. So if there is space, place some green plants, or some loved objects up there that will bring life back to that area and transform the energy flow.


Trees are connected with health and life force. If you like potted plants, put them in corners of the rooms to soften them up. However, there’s no need to stop there – you can display plants anywhere in your house since they are transmitting positive energy. And besides positive energy, plants are also great for improving the air quality in your home, which is highly important for people with allergies. Quality air is an important aspect of any house, so if needed, do not compensate and invest in the best air purifier for allergies you can find. Your life quality will instantly get better.


The power of Feng Shui is strong when it comes to mirrors. Although they are treated as some kind of portals to a parallel world, you have to be careful while displaying them. Avoid putting a mirror above your bed unless you want to suffer from nightmares in your sleep. Avoid putting a mirror across your toilet seat, because, seriously, who would enjoy looking at themselves while doing a number two?

Instead, put a full-length mirror on the inside of your wardrobe doors, put a small one above the sink in your bathroom, or on the outside of your bathroom to push away the energy from entering it and ‘going down the drain’. When it comes to living rooms and dining rooms, put mirrors somewhere where they will reflect the food on the table, but not doors or windows. And last but not least, light up the dark corners of your house by placing mirrors there as well.

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