Why is Staff Progression Such an Important Thing to Offer as an Employer?

If you’re new to the game of being an employer, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities, some of which you may not have seen coming. It can be hard to know what to prioritise when it comes to looking after and making the most of a workforce. Maybe you’re writing job adverts in an effort to increase your staff numbers, but what do you have to offer prospective applicants? Progression needs to be at the top of the list for a number of reasons.

Staff Welfare

First of all, those who are looking for a career rather than just a job need an employer who can offer them a real future, rather than just a stop gap in a long line of positions. Most people looking for jobs crave a supportive environment that can offer them long term stability, so if you want to avoid a high staff turnover and instead build loyal employees, you need to be able to offer them progression opportunities. 

You will be restricted by how quickly your business grows and therefore the percentage of your profits that you are able spend on staff progression, but it should be a priority as your staff are your biggest asset and deserve investment. Morale will be boosted and therefore so will productivity; a sense of mutual respect between you and your employees will create a loyal, experienced and trustworthy workforce that can take your business from strength to strength. 


As well as the numerous benefits of having a happy workforce, investing in training for your staff will add to their value and what they can bring to the business. You may not have time to develop your own understanding of the latest popular business practices, but they can, and they can then pass this onto the rest of the staff body. For example, they could learn how to use the latest software then implement it into the business to improve operational efficiency. 

There are loads of different courses that can help you with your training. For example, The Development Academy offers a range of courses that will enable you to delegate tasks in confidence, while sales or communications training can help to grow your business’ reputation and sales figures. There is always a return when you invest in your staff. 

So, when you’re writing that job advert, as well as the qualities you are looking for in your next employee, think about what they might be looking for from you. If you can afford to offer progression, make sure this is clearly stated as it will be a huge draw for many potential applicants. Not only does it mean that they will be challenged and progress in their careers, but it also means that they can become a huge asset to your team for years to come. 

Take a look at mandylane.com if you’re looking for more business tips or even advice from the perspective of prospective employees, such as ‘How to Make your Employer Happy’, as it can give you insight into the mindset of the average employee, and how you can utilise this to benefit your business.

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