Summer Decor Themes

Now that summer is finally here, many of us are looking for ways to spice up our homes while embracing an airy and open feel. Whether referring to luxury bedding, curtains, towels or similar fabrics, the good news is that there are a wealth of choices to consider. This is why it is prudent to review a handful of guidelines which will be able to transform your living space in no time at all. What needs to be taken into account and what are a handful of excellent suggestions to keep in mind?
All About ColourSummer is defined by a kaleidoscope of different colours. It therefore makes a great deal of sense that these very same tones should be incorporated into interior fabrics. Pastels and lighter hues will provide a bespoke sense of openness within any environment. Off-whites, blues, ochre and peach are some popular choices due to the fact that they will work well with darker shades (such as existing cabinets or wooden floors).Prints and Patterns

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with solid tones, many homeowners choose to break up this style with intricate designs and patterns. As we would expect, floral prints are extremely popular during the summer months. Other options to keep in mind include:

  • Paisley
  • Damask
  • Jacquard

These and other intricate patterns will add a bespoke sense of elegance to any environment and they are particularly popular when used in conjunction with duvets and pillow covers.

Curtains: Let There be Light

During the colder months of the year, blackout curtains and darker shades will often be chosen in order to provide better insulation against the outside temperatures. However, this is no longer a concern during the summer. Why not spruce up your living space with the use of transparent and flowing curtains? These will enable a greater amount of light to enter into your home; perfect when you are hoping to take advantage of the warm rays of the sun. Once again, pastels and off-white tones are great options to keep in mind.

Additional Accents

It is often said that the smallest of accents will have the most profound impacts within the home. This is why it is a good idea to peruse the selection of cushions, pillows, bath mats, and candles offered at These can work perfectly with your existing decor while providing a much-needed seasonal change. There are a wide range of styles and designs to choose from and these are meant to address the most discriminating of tastes. Above all, never be afraid to think outside of the box in order to embrace this lively time of the year.

Summer will come and go before our very eyes, so there is no better time than the present to add a bit of style within your home. Please have a further look at the fabrics and accessories offered by Julian Charles. You will not be disappointed.

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