Summer Destinations In The UK That Every Brit Should Consider

Summer has already started and if you are still planning to go on vacation, then look no more. With the world cup just around the curve are you sure you want to go far from home? This summer we bring you some of the best summer getaways that the UK offers you. These places are awesome and easy to reach, which makes them perfect for short getaways.

Here’s our listing of some of the best summer destinations in the UK.

St Ives:

St Ives is one of the best beaches that are present in the UK. It is a famous tourist attraction around the globe because of its picturesque scenery and gorgeous landscapes. There are tons of places that you can visit while in St. Ives, where you can taste the rich British culture. You can visit many galleries and exhibitions here to explore the rich culture of this region. Moreover, you can also enjoy delicious food while strolling down the splendid beach.


Barmouth is located on the west coast of Snowdonia. Barmouth is a photographic harbor with beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for strolling. There are many out-of-doors activities that you can do in Barmouth like cycling, pony trekking, exploring the slate caverns, etc. You can also visit the Barmouth Estuary, Cadair Idris, and Fairbourne Railway while you are staying in Barmouth.


Cornwall is world renown for its magnificent coastline and 300 miles of cliffs and dunes. The real beauty of Cornwall is in its rich history. You can explore the medieval harbors and oak forest creeks on foot here. Once you visit Cornwall, you will be definitely able to recreate the Enid Blyton’s famous five adventures. Cornwall has everything that you want in a perfect summer getaway. From wildflower landscapes to remote beaches, stone cliffs to rock pools. As a cherry on the icing, you can also enjoy swimming with seals and basking sharks.

The Isle of Arran:

It was named as a must-see place in Lonely Planet’s 2019 ranking. The Isle of Arran is a remote island which is located in Scotland. As it is a remote island, so the scenery and wildlife are still undisturbed. Therefore, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place in its original unaltered form.

Moreover, try to be sure that you capture this mesmerizing beauty in your smartphones. And in case you lose your phone you can always it track it back using one of Mspy UK  apps. However, if you’re planning to visit the Isle of Arran, be sure to make prior bookings as there are only 100-holiday homes available there.


Due to Michelin Guide’s review, Lincolnshire is also going to be a famous holiday destination this season.  People who like classic English cuisine will be flying to this holiday destination because of its world-class restaurants. On the other hand, Lincolnshire is well suited for a luxurious vacation because the majority of the properties here have 3-star or 4-star grading.


Bath is one of the best vacation destinations because it has everything that you desire in your travel destination. With its fascinating history from the Roman era to the times of Jane Austen, you enjoy it all in Bath. Moreover, the Georgian crescents and terraces spreading over hilly green bowl make it one of the most beautiful cities in England. In addition, you can also enjoy the state-of-the-art Thermae Spa complex in which you can soak yourselves in hot mineral-rich water.

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