Summer Maternity Clothes for a Stylish Pregnancy

Being pregnant is most often associated with two things fashion wise: You’re glowing and you look beautiful, or you are wearing oversized everything and none of your clothes fit. And when it comes to summer, all of the troubles get even worse because you’re constantly too hot, sweaty and wish you could just be in a pool the whole time. But don’t worry – it is absolutely possible to look stylish if you are pregnant during the summer, and here are the go-to pieces you will love to wear.

  • Maxi dress

It’s impossible not to love a good maxi dress. They cover you up to protect your skin from the sun, while still being breezy enough so you don’t boil up in the summer heat. We have to address the biggest mistake most pregnant women make when dressing: wearing only oversized, baggy clothes that do absolutely nothing for their figure. The way to go is to embrace your baby bump and find dresses that will give you a good shape. Mostly, these are dresses with an empire waistline, or ones that fit properly but have excess fabric that hugs your stomach. If you can, find big, loose dresses, get a belt and tie it above your belly to give you that look.

  • Bathing suit

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to enjoy your favorite summer activities like swimming, sunbathing and generally having fun on the beach. And no, you don’t have to do it in a cover-up. Your belly is beautiful, and you should feel free to wear your favorite bikini to any beach you want. However, if you are feeling self-conscious about the stretch marks or discoloration (which you shouldn’t feel bad about, at all!) you can get a tankini and enjoy the summer fun without your belly being out for everyone to see. If you aren’t trying on the swimsuit in-shop, make sure you know your new measurements, because your body is growing to make space for the new baby, and you might need a top and a bottom that are a few sizes bigger than what you’re used to.

  • Jeans

Every mom knows: a good pair of jeans is what gets you through your pregnancy. They are something that is universally convenient and that can be worn for any occasion. And once again, the same rule applies to stylish maternity jeans as for all other items: buy your own size in a maternity style. Make sure they are comfortable around your belly and that they have some stretch in them. When you’re pregnant, your legs swell up a lot easier and true denim jeans – especially the skinny jeans – can become tight and restrict blood flow to your legs. You can throw on a T-shirt for a simple, everyday look, or you can wear a dressy top, for a sleek, put-together look. You can also wear jeans in a professional environment, with a white T-shirt and an open blazer. There are now so many different styles of distressed jeans that you can choose from, but what you want to focus on is one pair of high-quality non-distressed jeans that are going to be your go-to bottom throughout all seasons.

  • Tunic tops

Similar to maxi dresses, and staying with the theme of breezy outfits, loose tunic tops are amazing for all expecting moms. They are long enough to cover your belly and your bum, so if you want to wear leggings and stay comfortable, you can do so without the fear of looking tacky. As always, you don’t want something that is just a piece of shapeless cloth. You want something that holds up your breasts, and gives you a waist. Go for structured tops, or tie a thin belt, just like you would with a dress.

  • Overalls

There is a good reason why overalls have become such a hit with pregnant ladies: most commonly, you don’t want to tie anything around your belly, since it can get quite uncomfortable. Overalls have the great ability of being pants that button up over the stomach, instead of bellow it, giving you a lot more comfort. Of course, these aren’t exactly the first choice for a formal look, but they can be a casual day-to-day look that will make you feel comfortable and stylish. Pair it up with a T-shirt, or, if you wanna show off your beautiful baby bump – a crop top or a sports bra.

Expecting moms have a lot on their plate, and you don’t exactly want to add additional stress of not having anything to wear. So make sure your wardrobe has enough things that fit you and you love wearing, so that you can have a happy, fashion-stress-free pregnancy. Remember that being pregnant doesn’t stop you from wearing any piece you want, but you might want to make some adjustments to make everything fit just right.

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