How to get your testosterone levels back in shape 

Testosterone is a hormone that makes men what they are. It gets to work initially on a large scale by deepening a young man’s voice and increasing muscles on their frame. But as men get older, especially as they approach their 40s, testosterone starts to decline in production.

This can lead to a decrease in physical fitness and a bigger waistline. There is a solution though, and in this article we’ll look at ways in which you can get your testosterone factory pumping again, without leaving yourself in danger of heading for the hospital.

Reduce the stress

Cortisol is produced when we stress out. The only problem is, men in their 40s have a tendency to produce more cortisol simply because they have a lot more going on and a lot more responsibilities.This can lead to a heightened increase in cortisol production,and therefore more stress being produced overall. This leaves no room for testosterone.

Fight by looking for ways to relax in your 40s. Take long walks, enjoy fresh air,and just switch off when you are normally inclined to heighten the pressure. Drink less alcohol too, it reduces your stress level if you are more sensible with alcohol.

Look after your body

Testosterone levels thrive on a healthy diet, so you need to start looking at your diet. If you want to re-introduce testosterone to your world try and ensure that you are eating food that contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients. It doesn’t make sense to cram your gut with stuff that will essentially break your body down.

So look for lots of fruit and vegetables, and food that is nutritious without being fatty. It makes  a huge difference, and it will help to improve your testosterone levels no end. Ask your doctor for further advice on this, or just get down to the greengrocers. It’s a start.

Get snoozing

Sleep is vitally important if you want to enjoy a return to anything like the old testosterone levels. Sleep should generally last for at least eight hours a night if you want to get the most out of it. Find ways to boost your sleep levels, and this includes ensuring that you make the pre-bedtime routine a calm one.

Don’t drink caffeine, leave the TV alone and focus on getting some serious sleep. It will pay off massively. It is worth remembering that your body will naturally revert to a stronger, more vital state as long as you recharge it with plenty of sleep.

Getting your testosterone levels back to anything like they used to be is crucial if you want to enjoy a leaner, fitter 40s. Follow the tips above and pretty soon you should find yourself in a situation  where you are feeling better physically and able to take on life’s challenges at your age with gusto.

It is always best to tackle these steps carefully, looking to gradually make bigger changes when the time is right. Whatever, you do, don’t think that your testosterone is gone for good. There are ways to get it back.

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