The Evolution of Fashion: Through The Decades

History as well fashion tends to repeat itself and two are closely linked, fashion really has progressively changed over the past few decades. The 1920’s, was a time when fashion entered the modern era and changed completely. During the same decade women abandoned past fashion of that had previously restricted them. After the First World War, people wanted to let loose and enjoy themselves after all the hard times and all the loss they had suffered. Ironically after WW1 and the following decades is when all forms of gambling were becoming legalized this included horse tracks, bingo, blackjack and many other social games. Much like how the legalisation of gambling, fashion has also evolved through the decades, now many people of all walks of life get dressed up to the nines, to hit the town and attend a few casinos to try their luck. When it comes to fashion, although some like to create their own individual style, they base their look on previous and present trends and guides. If you want to follow suit before you get dressed up and hit the casino try an advanced blackjack guide to enhance your gambling style. 


The 50s marked a time when people wanted to break away from the harsh reality of the aftermath of the Second World War. The era of hope and style was fully embraced by many and the symbolic Dior’s 1947 new look, changed everything. Hemlines fell and rose but the big staple of all women’s pieces was the hourglass silhouette in which can still be seen today as a key trend. As well as full circle skirts being a must-have, pencil skirts also rose in popular due to their feminine shape.

The 60s was completely different and challenged traditional views and fashion. Fashion was also used to mirror social movements of the time which is why culottes, go-go boots, box shaped PVC dresses and short skirts were the pinnacle of fashion during this time period.


Over the next decade fashion in the 1970’s started much like the 60’s with an influx of mini, skirts bell-bottoms and a strong vibe of the hippie look. The 70s era was mixture of past decades including the 40s, 50s and 60s. It also saw the dawn of t-shirts, hot pants, and a mixture of different denim styles.

The 80s was incredibly different to any other past era. Women in the 1980s wore bright heavy make-up accompanied with bright and glamourous clothes, and the birth of the power suit and padded shoulders was a big trend across western society.

90s’ to Modern Day

With the 80s being a decade of everything big and glamourous, the 90s was about minimalist fashion.  The biggest influence was due to grunge and alternative rock music which help create an unkempt grunge look which consisted of trainers, jeans and t-shirts. Everything about 90s fashion was simple and subtle; the biggest change was a few began to wear neon colours to stand out.

Now in the modern era, it is as though trends and fashion is nothing new but a recycle of the past few decades. Each and every person has a unique take on modern trends and past popular looks.


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