The growing popularity of fitcations 

More and more people are realising that their health is important to them and they have taken what some would see as a slightly drastic step. Thinking of the fact they have a holiday coming up they have decided to combine that holiday with some physical exercies.

This combination of a holiday with a physical exercise element is now commonly referred to as a  ‘fitcation’. Growing in popularity, it is becoming one of the key ways to stay in shape while also getting away from it all.

One of the most common ways to have a fitcation is to organise a cycling weekend. Here, people simply book a holiday somewhere and ensure that the venue has some cycling facilities nearby, or at least a spot where they can hire cycles. There are certain holiday providers who create custom cycling weekends for people,and these are popular too.

With cycling seen as one of the best ways to stay in shape, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get healthy, while also enjoying some fantastic scenery. And with many cycling vacations having rest stops at restaurants and inns, it is also a great way to have lots of fun socialising with your cycling partners. Massively popular, cycling holidays are definitely on the up.

Fications can be a little more extreme too, if you like. We say extreme, but a climbing enthusiast may want to take their sport to the next level and aim for a high peak, such as Mount Kenya, which has become one of the more popular mountains to scale in recent years.

We’re not saying climb Everest, but somewhere like Mount Kenya allows you to keep up your climbing skills while also taking some incredible sights in. It is well worth considering if this is something that interests you generally, and you will find that many holiday operators that offer adventure holidays are pulling more climbing holidays up for you to consider.

So why are they so popular now?

This is a good question. People have always enjoyed walking and exploring on holidays but the increase in fitcations is down to one thing. People are becoming more educated about their bodies and how to look after them.

This means that they are becoming even more concerned with ensuring that the holidays they experience address their fitness levels if possible. With holidays traditionally being  a time to relax, people are now becoming more able to integrate something that allows them to stay healthy while on holiday, something that wasn’t always a top priority for a person who just wanted to kick back and enjoy the view.

Also, an active holiday such as this one can present an opportunity to enjoy a new sport. There are many new sports out there that can  be experienced on a holiday like this and this appeals to people who want a little more excitement in their life while also having the chance to get away from it all.

The fitcation is becoming even more popular and it is easy to see why. Maybe you will find yourself out there and integrating a little more exercise into your holiday then you used to on your next big break.

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