The rise of car sharing 

Amazingly, there are people around us right now who live fantastically fulfilling lives without owning a car. These people have made the decision to lighten the load on the planet and instead focus on finding a way to share cars with other people on the way to work, for example.

While most people simply share cars, some don’t even own one, and have just discovered co-workers and friends who are happy to drive them to work or around and about. It’s an interesting state of affairs, and it has only become more pronounced in recent years.

One of the biggest developments in this area is the car sharing cooperative or car sharing communities that have grown up quickly across Europe.

Here, people who need to share cars (either because they don’t have one or they just want to share costs) group together with other people and develop a network that shares the vehicles among them.

To clarify, this is a situation where one person buys a car and, typically, up to six people share it. This cuts down on the costs of running a car significantly, as well as reducing the carbon emissions that are causing so much damage to our planet.

People simply share the car and the costs of running the car. If necessary, a strict schedule is drawn up for usage, and everyone is happy.

On a more sophisticated level, some companies are even offering a service where they have bought a group of cars and are generally hiring them out with a 24 hour access policy. This means that you can literally pick up the car and use it any hour of the day.

For a small annual fee, this means you have a car ‘on tap’ and can look forward to not having to pay bills on the car, as well as not affecting the environment.

Back to the basic concept, and lots of people are familiar with the idea of sharing a car on the way to work. It makes perfect sense if you are travelling to work to do so with someone else in their car for a week, and then change to your car while you give that same person a ride.

It saves petrol money and also reduces the amount of money you will have to spend on repairs at the car you are travelling in will be doing less work overall and is therefore less vulnerable to damage and wear and tear.

If you are able to find a colleague who has  acar and they don’t mind operating a mini version of car sharing it is worth organising it. If you need any motivation, just look at your petrol bill for last week. We reckon it’s pretty high.

Imagine that being chopped in two and you have a clearer understanding of just why so many people are grasping the concept of sharing cars with both hands.

Car sharing, whether through an organised company or through a colleague, is cheaper and better for the planet too.

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