The Top Facts You Should Know about CND Shellac Nail Gel

The nail industry is abuzz with one of the best and most popular products to ever come out: CND Shellac nail gel. You may already have heard of this unique and innovative product and are thinking of adding it to your salon stock list. But what exactly is CND Shellac nail gel, and what do you need to know about it? What are the advantages of using it in your own nail salon? Here are the top facts you should know about CND Shellac nail gel.

Its formulation

CND Shellac nail gel was created by a forward-thinking dentist, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom. Because of a comment made by one of his patients that the dental medication or chemicals he was using smelled very similar to the products her own manicurist used, the dentist was inspired to develop and create a nail gel that would be a lot stronger, longer-lasting, and ultimately a lot better than standard nail polish. And thus, CND Shellac nail gel was born – and everyone is understandably amazed.

CND Shellac nail gel stands apart because it is made from polymers, monomers, and solvents which are also free from toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde. What’s more, CND Shellac nail gel is hypo-allergenic.

How it is applied

Applying CND Shellac nail gel isn’t complicated, although it’s a bit different from the application of traditional polish. For one, the nails aren’t soaked before the gel is applied. The manicurist simply shapes and files the nails, and oil isn’t used, either. A base coat is applied to the nails (a minimum of two coats), and a top coat is then applied. Between each layer, your client will simply place their hands underneath an LED or UV lamp so that the gel can dry for about 30 – 60 seconds. The entire process of manicuring takes around 45 minutes.

Variety and choice

The great news with CND Shellac nail gel is that it comes in a wide variety of colours and shades.  The variety is seemingly endless, with metallic hues and bright shades and even deepest, darkest, matte black shades. The top coating of CND Shellac nail gel also includes different finishes, such as glitter, pearl, and metallic.


Perhaps the single best thing that many CND Shellac nail gel users appreciate is the fact that it lasts for a really long time. Once applied, the nail gel can stay vibrant and shiny for weeks, and nails will not be susceptible to tearing and chipping. In fact, the nail gel can stand up to some tasks which can damage standard nail polish, such as washing dishes or even just handling objects such as car keys.

One more aspect which makes CND Shellac nail gel a great choice is its easy drying time. It dries a lot quicker than normal nail polish, so your clients can walk out of the salon without having to worry about damaging their nails as soon as they leave.

If you’re looking for CND Shellac nail gel, you don’t need to look very far – you can now buy CND Shellac nail gel online, and it’s definitely an investment you won’t regret.

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