The Top Five Destinations that First Time Backpackers Should Visit

Backpacking is one of the most common forms of traveling, especially among the younger generation. Getting the opportunity to explore, experience, and understand a new culture is wonderful, and it is becoming something of a trend. Trotting the globe with nothing but a backpack full of your most essential belongings slung over your shoulder is accompanied by a feeling of liberation and opportunity. Whether you are trekking mountains, travelling Europe by train, or exploring the sandy beaches of the world, backpacking can offer you something that standard travel cannot: the real, nitty gritty experience of travel. If you are heading out on your first backpacking adventure than it is certainly worth taking a look at our top five backpacking destinations!

#1 Barcelona

The pinnacle of culture and tradition, Barcelona is one of the most culturally rich and interesting cities in Europe. The cobbled back alleys and grid design makes it the perfect city to lose yourself in. Plus the paella is pretty amazing too! Plenty of backpackers pass through Barcelona, so you certainly won’t be short of people to talk to! The mediterranean paradise is one of the most frequented travel destinations in Spain, and it is certainly one that you should have on your bucket list!

Top Tip #1: Don’t be a tourist

So many tourists travel through Barcelona. It really is one of the most popular holidaying destinations in Europe. Make sure that you take the time to venture beyond the popular Las Ramblas and explore the more locally and culturally appreciated parts of the city.

Top Tip #2: Head to the Mercat dels Encants

One of the best ways to explore Barcelona’s vibrant and bustling culture is to visit the  Mercat dels Encants. This gorgeous market is open on Monday and Wednesday, as well as Fridays and Saturdays. It is full of gorgeous antiques and Catalan trinkets that give you a real insight into the cultural value of Barcelona.

#2 Fuerteventura

Part of the popular Las Canerias, and exhibiting a terrain and culture like no other, this small island is the perfect place to spend the weekend exploring. Fuerteventura not only exhibits an array of beautiful white sand beaches and red rocky inroads, but it is also a popular water sporting location too! So backpack your way to Fuerteventura and spend the week exploring, surfing and soaking up the culture of this small island.

Top Tip #1: Pick up some cheap airport parking

Fuerteventura is a great backpacking destination, and if you are traveling from Scotland then you can pick up some amazingly cheap Inverness Airport parking discounts! Plus you can pick up cheap airport parking for a range of other UK airports too.

Top Tip #2: Book in some surfing lessons

Fuerteventura is hugely popular for its water sports activities! Make sure that you book in some surfing lessons for while you are backpacking. It is one of the most fun and exhilarating activities!

# 3 Indonesia

If you love feeling the warm white sand beneath your feet and the cool breeze in your hair then this is the destination for you. With palm tree beaches, green cliff walks, and a culture like no other, Indonesia really is a first time backpackers dream. You can spend time hopping from island to island, visiting the cultural inland sculptures and exploring the gorgeous array of volcanic islands on offer!

Top Tip #1: Island hopping

Make sure that you spend a few of your days island hopping. The fragmented volcanic islands (over 17,000 of them) are absolutely stunning. Take the time to go from to another and really get to know them.

Top Tip #2: Free Visas

You can opt for a free visa option when visiting Indonesia. This will last for thirty days! Make sure you check which of the islands this applies to.

#4 Fiji

One of the most spellbindingly beautiful places on the planet, Fiji really will have your wanderlust in overdrive. You will be surrounded by the white sand beaches and clear blue ocean, as well as amazingly friendly locals!

Top Tip #1: Join the tribes!

Make sure that you take some time to try out the rituals endorsed by the local tribes. Taking part in their routines and rituals is a great way to really integrate and understand this friendly community.

Top Tip #2: The rainy season

Fiji’s geographical location makes it a hot country. However, this is not to say that it doesn’t rain! Make sure that you travel outside of the rainy season (December to April) if you don’t want to spend your time in wet weather!

#5 Nepal

Nepal is set to be the most popular backpackers destination in 2019. The gorgeous location sees it tucked away below the himalayas, and it is one of the most adventurous hiking destinations in the world! The vast terrain and gorgeous views that can be captured makes Nepal a truly amazing location to visit!

Top Tip #1: See the Himalayas from above

If you feel like you want to get a truly adventurous experience of the infamous Himalayas, then it is definitely worth splashing out on a plane or helicopter ride around the lofty peaks!

Top Tip #2: Get that trekking permit

In order to trek and hike in some of the national parks, countryside, mountainous ranges and famous hiking routes in Nepal, you will need a trekking permit. You will need to get your permit before you trek, and you can pick these up at Tourism Centres.

There are so many amazing and diverse places that you can start your backpacking journey in, but really, it is down to your preferences. So whether you love water sports, sangria filled bars, white sand beaches, warm weather or trekking mountains, make sure that you plan your journey accordingly. These are just a few of the top backpacking locations that you could visit, there are literally thousands more! May your travels be as diverse, inspiring and educational as you wish them to be!

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