Top tips for buying a diamond ring online

The internet has opened up the choices available when searching for the perfect diamond ring. In the past only local mall stores could be visited to browse available designs but online shopping now means that stunning rings can be purchased from any part of the planet.

Buying a diamond ring however is a considered purchase so here are the top tips to the best virtual diamond ring shopping experience possible.

Research and education

It’s best to start at the beginning and this means learning about the different diamonds on the market. All are graded to the industry standards known as the 4 C’s; cut, clarity, color and carat. Knowing what each means and how it affects the quality – and price – of a diamond is absolutely essential.

Check the grading

All diamonds should be certified and have an accompanying grading report. As the value of any diamond is often due to the quality of the gem, an independent assessment by a third party is critical. Those provided by the GIA are seen to be unbiased and to specific industry standards.

Verify the grading report

Buying online means satisfying yourself with every aspect of the quality and validity of the purchase. You’d want to check out the mechanical report on a car you’re thinking of buying from an online site so it’s the same for a diamond. When you receive the report, look to match it with the GIA database. This way you know that the item being described matches the results in the report.

Laser inscriptions

Pretty much invisible to the naked eye, laser inscriptions are often added to a diamond as an extra security measure. Some diamonds already have the inscription in place before a sale or one can be added by the buyer after the transaction is complete.

If buying a diamond with the inscription already in place, it will usually be a series of digits which should match the GIA grading report number. Having the stone checked out under a microscope by an expert will mean it can be verified as being the same diamond as the one described in the report.

Get to know the seller

When you’ve found the diamond of your dreams, find out more about the seller and their business. Reputable companies won’t mind you asking questions and so if you’re wanting to make a purchase from a Houston jewelry expert for example, talk to them about the following:

  • Length of time in business
  • Reviews received
  • Jewelry trade membership
  • Method of payment
  • Security of transaction
  • Availability of customer service representatives
  • Returns policy
  • How the diamond will be shipped

Also check out reviews from other customers and decide if you think their staff are helpful by making initial online contact through either live chat or email.

Remember that buying a sizeable diamond is often a once in a lifetime experience, particularly if it’s for an important item such as an engagement ring so take a little time to look around, find out the experience of others and then when you’ve made your decision, ensure it will be just as beautiful in real life when it arrives in the mail as the details on the online description.

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