Visiting Cape Town

For many travellers, Cape Town is a must visit destination, as there are things to do in Cape Town to meet every traveller’s want.   The city is stunningly beautiful and has so much to offer. Beautiful mountains surround Cape Town giving it a look and feel about it which sets apart from the rest of South Africa.  With a unique geography, the town can offer visitors a range of high octane activities including windsurfing and mountain climbing.  For those less adventurous, there are also opportunities for sunbathing and wine tasting.  The real draw of travelling to Cape Town, however, is its history and multiculturalism. It is a loud and colourful place, with Zulu singing and dancing, an opportunity to party at its vibrant club scene and of course the chance to shop and eat at the V&A waterfront.

Top Attractions

There is no shortage of top attractions for visitors to one of South Africa’s tourism gems.  There is the Table Mountain Arial Cableway, which will take you high above the city and allow you to sit and watch the sunset as the tide comes in beside Greenpoint Stadium.  The V&A Waterfront is the happening area of the town, and it offers a multitude of bars and restaurants, as well as short cruises, a craft market and outdoor concerts.  Cape Town is also home to the “International Garden of the Year” Kirstenbosch Gardens, which has a fantastic treetop canopy.  One of the most famous and iconic attractions in Cape Town is Robben Island.  Visitors can hop on a short ferry to the Robben Island Museum and see where Nelson Mandela and other apartheid prisoners were held, serving as a stark reminder of the countries past struggles.


If you are looking to bring a little something back for a loved one, then the shopping on offer in Cape Town is superb.  Ethically produced collections of beautiful ornaments and jewellery are the best sellers.  Greenmarket Square is the place for a bargain, and you will able to buy sculptures and paintings which celebrate the culture of South Africa.  Avoiding the V&A waterfront for shopping is probably a wise idea, as most items are the same as you can buy elsewhere, but with a severe markup; however, there is occasionally a bargain to be had too.  The wine estates all around Cape Town also produce some excellent wine, which of course makes an excellent gift for a loved one, or of course a gift to yourself.


The only way to start a night out in Cape Town is with a sundowner drink – a drink watching the sunset at the seafront.  The seafront is where you will want to stay, with plenty of options for a cocktail on one the many rooftop terraces or have dinner at of one the cities top class seafood restaurants.   Greenpoint and Mouille Point is the place to be after your dinner.  The is a vibrant and trendy nightlife hotspot with lots of bars and nightclubs to choose from.

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